Sell on MercadoLibre using digital distribution that scales. Automate your Mercardo Libre digital product sales using ZeroOne eCommerce. ZeroOne helps vendors distribute game keys, gift cards, photography, ebooks, and more.


Sell Digital Goods on MercadoLibre with ZeroOne

MercadoLibre Integration from ZeroOne

Are you looking to automate digital delivery on MercardoLibre? Or send film, eBooks, photos, PDFs, vouchers, coupons, and other digital goods instantly? Well, here is how you can use ZeroOne for MercardoLibre automatic digital delivery.

ZeroOne eCommerce is a platform that empowers vendors of digital products to distribute digital products instantly, affordably, and safely. We charge a fee per distribution, allowing you to scale your business across multiple integrations while screening for fraud and managing messaging, analytics, and inventory from one platform.

It is easy - as sales come, we will distribute your product on any platform helping you track and manage sales from our platform. All you need to do is connect ZeroOne to your integration, setup and customize your business settings, then focus on creating and sourcing more of the products your guests love – leaving instant delivery digital goods on MarcardoLibre to us.

Mercado Libre Integration by ZeroOne: Discover the Opportunities

It is our goal to help vendors focus on sourcing product and guests, while they can easily manage inventory, guest support, returns, and fraud. Here are some of the many features ZeroOne offers:

Multichannel order management

Activate new channels like websites, partners, marketplaces and ecommerce platforms. ZeroOne automates the boring stuff like integrations, inventory, distribution, and next-gen fraud screening.

Automate everything, reduce labor

ZeroOne eCommerce centralizes order management; no more one-off tasks or spreadsheet kung-fu. Eliminate manual processes that introduce errors.

Reduce Chargebacks

ZeroOne's advanced analytics for digital products identifies fraud threats across channels so you can reduce chargebacks and penalties

What benefits to expect with MercadoLibre Integration Extension by ZeroOne:

ZeroOne eCommerce takes the manual work out of growth – no more order fulfillment at all hours of the night, manual checking of IDs to minimize fraud, and answering the same five guest questions time and time again. By integrating Mercado Libre to ZeroOne eCommerce you will be able to scale your digital product businesses by:

•Minimizing dispatch and manual errors.

•Distribute products automatically.

•Manage inventory, costs, and profits from one place.

•Scale across marketplaces – build your business while selling on the most popular marketplaces.

•Manage returns, faulty product, and fraud from one platform.

•Build your community and brand – making first time guests, returning guests.

If you are ready to grow your digital products business and take the hassle out of multi-channel growth, then it is time to sign-up to ZeroOne eCommerce and connect the MercadoLibre marketplace integration.

Our Story:

ZeroOne eCommerce started in 2013 selling digital downloads on eBay – at the time this was a side gig between classes where we would scratch physical codes, take pictures, then send the codes via email.

Now think about this for not one, but hundreds of codes and the cost of using eBay delivery service to physically distribute codes. To say the least, selling digital codes on eBay was nothing like the safe and instant process it is today. It took time, manually tracking eBay purchases on an excel sheet and was littered with friendly and card-not-present fraud, often costing thousands of dollars a day.

Despite this, we kept piecing together a system to sell eBay digital goods and developed eBay instant delivery, creating ZeroOne eCommerce. A system built to empower those with an entrepreneurial spirit and passion to create the ability to scale their digital product businesses all for a low fee per distribution as opposed to a high sales percentage.

While we are learning and improving every day, we are committed to helping you grow your digital product business and distribute the products your guests love. In a nutshell, that is how we became passionate about building automation process of selling and sending digital items on eBay.

Automate fulfillment, eliminate fraud

Screenshot of ZeroOne ecommerce marketplace automation with fraud preventionOrder automation for instant digital product distribution from ZeroOne.