Sell digital goods on Jumpseller using a digital distribution system that scales. Automate your Jumpseller digital product sales using ZeroOne eCommerce. ZeroOne helps vendors distribute game keys, gift cards, photography, ebooks, and more.


Sell & Deliver Digital Products from Your Jumpseller Website

Jumpseller is an ecommerce platform that’s ideal for small to medium sized businesses. This platform is currently used by over 10,000 online stores worldwide, and there are good reasons for that. Jumpseller integrates easily with a number of social media platforms and payment processors such as Facebook, Instagram and Paypal. It also offers attractive security features, even for its cheaper packages, including SSL certificates. This is important for anyone trading digital goods and it means your site is protected. You can also use built-in Jumpseller translation, allowing you to access customers in a variety of languages. Another benefit that Jumpseller offers is free domain setup, and there are no transaction fees.  

As one of the younger eCommerce platforms, Jumpseller easily accommodates the sale of virtual goods such as e-books, audio products, apps and other digital products that make up an increasing share of what is traded online. Once you’ve set up a Jumpseller store and configured it to sell digital goods, you’re ready to go. All you need is ZeroOne’s Jumpseller integration to optimise your site:

Jumpseller Integration from ZeroOne

ZeroOne helps you, the online merchant, to distribute your virtual goods efficiently and safely across a variety of platforms like Jumpseller. Unlike other alternatives, ZeroOne does not charge vendors a percentage on sales, but a fixed fee per distribution. This can make all the difference, especially if you’re just starting out.

Our integrations are simple, intuitive and effective. With ZeroOne’s Jumpseller integration, you can focus on generating content or sourcing your products, while we take care of distribution, fraud screening and guests.  

Simplifying sales with ZeroOne

Jumpseller offers powerful tools for online commerce. It has a wide range of features that make it a popular space for small and medium sized online traders. To optimize your experience on the platform:

  • Prepare your digital products. Whether you are creating, supplying or trading virtual goods, you’ll need to make sure you’re offering something people want. This is the backbone of your online business
  • Set up your Jumpseller website and configure it for virtual products using one of Jumpseller’s polished themes
  • Populate your store product names, images and descriptions
  • Create an account with ZeroOne
  • Link your Jumspseller account within the ZeroOne panel
  • Connect ZeroOne to your Jumpseller listings
  • Activate monitoring on ZeroOne  

That’s it! You’re now free to focus on the stuff that needs your attention while ZeroOne screens purchases for fraud, verifies purchases and fulfills orders.  

Automate fulfillment, eliminate fraud

Screenshot of ZeroOne ecommerce marketplace automation with fraud preventionOrder automation for instant digital product distribution from ZeroOne.