Sell Digital Products on eBay using digital distribution that scales. Automate your eBay digital product sales using ZeroOne eCommerce. ZeroOne helps vendors distribute game keys, giftcards, photography, ebooks, and more.


eBay Automatic Digital Delivery

Are you looking to automate digital delivery on eBay? Or send film, eBooks, photos, PDFs, vouchers, coupons, and other digital goods instantly? Well, here is how you can use ZeroOne for eBay automatic digital delivery.

ZeroOne eCommerce is a platform that empowers vendors of digital products to distribute digital products instantly, affordably, and safely. We charge a fee per distribution, allowing you to scale your business across multiple integrations while screening for fraud and managing messaging, analytics, and inventory from one platform.

It is easy - as sales come, we will distribute your product on any platform helping you track and manage sales from our platform. All you need to do is connect ZeroOne to your eBay account using our proven integration, customize your settings, then focus on creating and sourcing more of the products your guests love – leaving fraud screening and instant delivery digital goods on eBay to us.

How to use ZeroOne for eBay Digital delivery…

Selling on eBay

· First, you’ll need an eBay account, follow these steps to get started

· Once you have an eBay account comes the greatest challenge, finding the digital items you are passionate about. This will take some time and be a process of trial and error, however, once you have found your niche, you can leave everything else to us.

· Now that you found the digital products you would like to sell; it is time to create an eBay listing. We recommend using fixed price sales, priced competitively to ensure you close sales fast.

Note: Digital products are notorious to be fraudulently purchased, while we offer fraud screening, we encourage you to comply with all eBay digital delivery policies, sell products you are authorized to sell, and follow eBay selling recommendations such as using classified ad format when appropriate. Otherwise you could be at risk of losing your eBay listing and even account.

· Review your eBay listing and be sure you added plenty of product information in your description and product details section. This will help you appear higher in search results and minimizes guest common guest questions.

ZeroOne digital delivery:

· Create a ZeroOne eCommerce account

· Setup your company preferences, theme, and distribution settings for your delivered goods

· On the Products tab, enter all digital product details, set your dispatch settings, and upload your digital goods

· Select the Integrations tab in the menu

· Select your integration, then login, authorizing your eBay account to send orders to ZeroOne

· Reload your Auctions from eBay, then match your digital product database to the correct eBay listing

· Set your custom dispatch messaging to build brand recognition, then activate monitoring

· You are ready to go, time for eBay instant selling! Monitor your delivered digital goods on the Orders page.

· The Customers page allows you to market to your returning guests, and better understand what makes them happy

Note: Be sure to add FAQs! FAQs are a handy tool that allow you to add product information and replies to common questions directly on your access page.

Why is it worth choosing an ZeroOne for eBay automatic digital delivery?

The team at ZeroOne has experience building multiple, 7-figure, eBay stores. We know how important it is to empower vendors to scale their digital products businesses in the way they choose. We deliver transparent, intentional, and tailored experiences for vendors and guests alike.

At our core, ZeroOne eCommerce operates on imagination, inclusivity, and impact - we strive to operate transparently and always be listening and building to improve vendor and guest experiences.

Our Story:

ZeroOne eCommerce started in 2013 selling digital downloads on eBay – at the time this was a side gig between classes where we would scratch physical codes, take pictures, then send the codes via USPS. Paying unnecessary fees tracking the eBay purchase for fraud coverage and using precious time to manually distribute the product.

Now think about this for not one, but hundreds of codes and the cost of using eBay delivery service to physically distribute codes. To say the least, selling digital codes on eBay was nothing like the safe and instant process it is today. It took time, manually tracking eBay purchases on an excel sheet and was littered with friendly and card-not-present fraud, often costing thousands of dollars a day.

Despite this, we kept piecing together a system to sell eBay digital goods and developed eBay instant delivery, creating ZeroOne eCommerce. A system built to empower those with an entrepreneurial spirit and passion to create the ability to scale their digital product businesses all for a low fee per distribution as opposed to a high sales percentage.

While we are learning and improving every day, we are committed to helping you grow your digital product business and distribute the products your guests love. In a nutshell, that is how we became passionate about building automation process of selling and sending digital items on eBay.

So let’s get started selling digital goods on eBay!

Automate fulfillment, eliminate fraud

Screenshot of ZeroOne ecommerce marketplace automation with fraud preventionOrder automation for instant digital product distribution from ZeroOne.