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ZeroOne Supply: Trusted Sourcing for Digital Product Entrepreneurs

Often, the hardest thing about selling digital products, is finding a reliable source of products to sell online. ZeroOne Supply changes that - allowing sellers to purchase inventory directly from ZeroOne.

ZeroOne Supply: Trusted Sourcing for Digital Product Entrepreneurs

TLDR: You can now source digital product inventory from ZeroOne Supply . FAQs below + support articles & videos

Creators, Sellers and Publishers

Its important to first note the difference between a "creator" a "seller" and a "publisher." Creators have been a huge part of the digital product economy. Most creators are writing content like paid subscription or creating courseware to market directly to their audience. "Publishers" generally package up software or huge swaths of "creator" content for distribution.

Let's use a metaphor to illustrate the example as a farm. Digital goods that are purchased directly from creators are akin to buying your food directly from the farmer. This isn't that convenient, but if you are looking for something unique and special - you'll find it by going directly to the source. The farmer is glad for the new revenue and likes having a direct connection with their customers. In time the farmer/creator gets more popular and realizes that if they want to go big, they'll have to embrace distribution. So they pack up their goods and sell them in bulk to the local grocer, or publisher in this example. They make the decision to give up a little profit for the potential added volume - more customers, more revenue and less costs involved for the farmer hauling products to his customers.

Everyone else becomes a digital product entrepreneur by default - or "seller." Sellers take products that has already been "created," and sell them to new customers by any means necessary. More often, they are selling digital products that have been created by a publisher instead of an individual creator. As the digital product industry matures, we will surely see secondary markets and distribution channels and methods. The modern digital product entrepreneur will evolve into these as they explore ways to add value upstream and downstream in the supply chain. But trailblazing ain't easy.

The Problem With Digital Product Inventory

Unlike selling a bushel of apples, digital products are often serialized so each product has a unique code and each must be decremented from inventory upon fulfillment. An error with which codes were redeemed or not will lead sending the wrong codes to the customer. While anything is possible, typically this manifests as sending codes that have already been redeemed to a customer. The customer then has an issue with their purchase and becomes a problem in need of extra time and money to fix. Ignore customers at your own peril, aside from losing the lifetime value of the potential customer, you might also suffer through bad reviews and other damage to your reputation online that limits your ability to grow. While many sellers start off with managing this in a spreadsheet, it quickly becomes an obvious rate limited task if you must touch a spreadsheet each time you get an order. When considering thin margins typical in the digital products business - you must take error rates and labor seriously if you want to succeed. Therefore, leveraging automation within tools like ZeroOne or Keysender is vital to long-term profitability and growth.

Reliable Sourcing

There are thousands of ad-hoc marketplaces on the internet, from Reddit to game forums to Facebook groups, everyone has something to sell and exchanges can be performed in any number of ways. But every unregulated market has it's share of growing pains. This has led to impromptu means of scam prevention, such as using a "middle-man" service or lists of user names sellers can add to if they were ripped off. Ultimately, this can be solved by finding a reputable source with a regular supply of product that you can grow to depend on. Most of our customers view good sources vital to staying in business. Many of our customers have reputable sources, only to find them unreliable when it comes to availability. This results in a common problem in commerce - the dreaded stock out.

Out of Stock

My favorite logical fallacy is the how people overestimate the power of an idea and underestimate the power of consistency. When analyzing the data from 14 million transactions ZeroOne has processed - one thing became strikingly clear. ZeroOne customers that make the most and grew month over month all use the power of consistency by selling product every day. Not most days, or weekend warriors, but consistently selling something each day. Sellers that value this virtue outperform those focused on profit alone and the ones that leapfrog to new ideas and new customer segments. Digital product entrepreneurs can find the right product, the best placement, and a great segment of customers - but if they do not have a reliable source of inventory to sell, they will miss out. Customers just aren't that loyal, with digital products, the expectation is instant delivery. In fact, it would be fairly easy to justify selling any product, even one at a loss, to retain the lifetime value of a customer.

Announcing ZeroOne Supply

Today, we're launching Supply, a wholesale portal for our sellers to find reliable digital products they can sell online for profit. We're convinced that this will add incredible value to our customers businesses by adding more product diversification and availability for what might be for some, their first wholesale experience. If you've been selling digital products for a while, it's highly likely you have a reliable source for product you can purchase at preferred rates. We are not trying to replace your suppliers, but the data is clear, having inventory is better than not. If an existing customer can't buy from you, then they won't be your customer for long. With digital products, that can be measured in seconds. Selling bad product or even good product in the wrong region, can lead to a bad review, which can result in marketplace delisting or deplatforming.

ZeroOne Supply Frequently Asked Questions

What is AML/KYC compliance?

Anti Money Laundering / Know Your Customer laws and regulations are getting traction in order to root out terrorist and organized crime financing operations. Digital products move quickly, they can be used for liquidity in these exchanges. ZeroOne will ask for more details (like your photo ID) in order to remain in compliance with the law, which often requires us to request an ID, biometric data, and proof of address

How long will it take to receive my order?

ZeroOne uses 'settled funds' for Supply to keep costs down and fraud out. Settled funds (bank transfer) can take up to a few days to process. Once you have a balance in your ZeroOne Wallet, orders are filled same day.

Can I return unsold items for a refund?

We do not allow the return of unsold inventory as the codes may have been compromised. In time, we hope to introduce methods to allow this to occur.

What do you accept for wallet top ups?

We support many different top-up methods, including USA Domestic Wire, International Wire and payment in USD/EUR/GBP.

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