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ZeroOne eCommerce Welcomes Keysender Team, Partners & Customers

ZeroOne eCommerce has acquired Keysender, continues to provide the most fraud-resistant, automated delivery of digital products.

ZeroOne eCommerce, a leader in order management for digital products, has acquired Keysender, the leading provider in automated digital goods distribution. Details of the acquisition were not disclosed. The official acquisition date was the 6th of September, 2021. 

Keysender operates out of Poznan, Poland, and is a leader in digital product distribution technology, fulfilling orders for digital products on leading marketplaces around the world. Together with ZeroOne, they will provide several hundred thousand fulfillments a month and growing. "Today marks a significant moment for Keysender's customers. Becoming a part of the ZeroOne team will further expand our global possibilities and help our customers more than ever," says Łukasz Wicenciak, who will become Managing Director of Keysender at ZeroOne.

ZeroOne eCommerce's order management platform allows sellers of digital goods to grow their business through listing on multiple marketplaces and e-commerce systems, while providing fulfillment, fraud protection and analytics. "ZeroOne eCommerce provides a platform that works with ecommerce systems (e.g. Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, etc), as well as major global marketplaces (eBay, Mercado Libre, Allegro.com, etc.) to help sellers of digital goods scale without the frustration and error-prone manual labor.

"Digital Products are the fastest-growing categories in the world," says Chris Brunelli, CEO of ZeroOne eCommerce, "The combined generational shift of product use, recent changes to app marketplaces, and global opportunity point towards a robust future for sellers of digital products. Today, most Order Management solutions for sellers are geared for physical goods, but the needs for digital product sellers is very different."

"With this acquisition, the ZeroOne family grows its team, digital goods expertise, customer operations and ability to execute across eight time zones and five languages. The structure," Chris continues, "will not change significantly from prior day-to-day operations. Over time, we are excited to introduce additional features and integrations that help ZeroOne and Keysender customers' businesses grow quickly while leaving fraud, automation and marketplace connectivity to ZeroOne."

Keysender customers can reach out directly if there any questions or concerns support@zeroooneecommerce.com

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s next?

Business as usual, over time we hope to introduce more functionality to help users unlock more value. As we do so, we’d love to hear about what you’d like to see, what’s working, and how we can improve.

Why merge?

The digital product space is THE fastest growing space in the market today. Recent shifts in app marketplaces and a generational preference shift to digital means our customers will need more functionality, faster. The ZeroOne team is excited to continue advancing digital distribution, we look forward to continuing to help vendors distribute digital products instantly, affordably, and safely.

What will happen to my credits?

Vendors will be able to continue purchasing and using credits through Keysender as they have previously. Existing credits will be transferred to your same Keysender account, managed by ZeroOne. Future credit top-ups will be routed through ZeroOne eCommerce’s PayPal account.

What about future product development?

We are committed building a better experience for vendors and their guests in the rapidly growing digital products space. We will be adding features that help deliver excellent service and expand potential for more business. As we do so, we’d love to hear about what you’d like to see, what’s working, and how we can improve.

Will my pricing change?

We’re all about giving vendors the best experience and helping them grow their business in an economical and efficient way. We’ll monitor your feedback as we introduce new features and adjust pricing while working closely with the community.

Should I choose ZeroOne or Keysender to run my digital products business?

There are some areas of overlap, and some functions mean more to others based on how their business works. Schedule a meeting with us and we'll make sure you have the best tool for the job.


Please continue to reach out to admin@keysender.co.uk for issues regarding Keysender support, and support@zerooneecommerce.com for issues regarding ZeroOne support. In the coming weeks, we hope to share more about a unified support system with a focus on responsiveness and self-service options.

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