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How to Sell Digital Downloads on Etsy - Pro Guide from ZeroOne

Etsy provides great options for the modern digital goods entrepreneur, giving access to an active buyer count of 96 million - a 37.8% increase year over year. ZeroOne eCommerce is proud to help automate and secure Etsy digital product sellers

Etsy is an online marketplace that focuses on handmade, craft and vintage items. You could say Etsy represents the creative or “artsy” face of the digital economy, home to many artisans, creators and visionaries. Etsy is a popular marketplace for selling a wide range of digital and tangible goods such as craft supplies, jewelry, and home goods. It's appeal lies in its creative aesthetic, different from many of its competitors.

Etsy continues to expand its role to connecting sellers and buyers of digital goods in the marketplace. In this article, you are going to learn about Etsy, selling on Etsy, and how being a ZeroOne customer can make your digital products business grow with Etsy.

Why Sell Digital Downloads on Etsy

Market size  

Etsy has shown consistent growth against its competitors in 2020 with 80 million buyers and $1.7 billion in revenue (1). The number of active buyers saw continuous growth in May of 2021, reaching over 90 million (2). With the number of active buyers growing, so is the organic traffic. The traffic of the site is large and so is the potential for any Etsy seller.  

Ease of use

Etsy is a user-friendly marketplace, which is attractive for many online sellers. Etsy attracts all different kinds of consumers, making each person's experience different. Unlike its competitors, the marketplace is not restricted to a certain audience.  

Niche products, specialty offers

Your niche market has potential on a site like Etsy. A major advantage of selling digital goods on Etsy is that your audience is often primed to spend a little more. After all, it is home the creative side of digital commerce.  

Best-selling Digital Downloads on Etsy  

Etsy's growing digital marketplace has many popular product markets to enter.    

Planners and Printable Materials  

Many sellers have found success in designing templates that can help people structure their personal and professional lives. You can sell them either as printables, or in digital formats they can edit. Consider some of the variety when evaluating digital products like planners and printables on Etsy:

-Digital bullet journals

-Planning meals  

-Tracking habits  

-Structuring workouts  

-Planning on a daily, weekly or monthly basis  

-Event planning  

Educational, Technical & Practical Materials  

What better way to make your education or work fun? The Etsy marketplace has various downloadable goods that enhance your education or work to your benefit and ease. Some types of materials available on Etsy include:  

-Resume templates

-Children Learning Materials

-Excel Templates


Digital Art  

Creativity is the centerpiece of Etsy’s marketplace. You can find many niche digital products including:  

-Phone & desktop wallpapers  

-Coloring book templates for adults & children

-Wall art  

-Logos and other graphic art

-Digital stationary  

-Zoom backgrounds  

-Clip art  

Here are some other great suggestions for digital products


How to Sell Digital Downloads on Etsy  

How to Start an Etsy Shop to Sell Digital Products  

Starting a new shop is exciting. In a few simple steps, selling on Etsy will be easy. Follow along and you’ll be selling on Etsy in no time.

Create your own shop  

The first (and obvious) step of starting your own Etsy shop. Before you start building your own shop, it is important to do some market research. Asking questions about what you are selling and to whom as well as how much your customers are willing to pay for is a good start. Using your competition as a benchmark may also help this process. From there, create your account by clicking “Open Your Shop” and start the process.  

Create your shop’s profile  

Your shop’s profile should be reflective of what you sell and the aesthetic (if you have one). Take time to think about the name of your shop, your banner, and the description of your shop. Keep your target market in mind and try to make it memorable. There is even a name generator to help out!  

Add digital products to your shop  

The reason you opened your shop. Start creating your listings by selecting the items you want to put first. Then, design your product listing with pricing, descriptions, and anything that enhances your shop.  

Add media to your listings  

Adding media to your listings help your customer get better insight on the products you sell. Pictures and videos are great for customers to remember your product and envision using it. Even detailed instructions on how to download your digital products may be helpful in generating interest and sales.  

Useful Tips for Etsy Sellers

Customer Service and Retention

Generating a customer base and retaining them is important for growth. Having your customers leave you reviews for your shop is useful for development. Reviews are an indicator of your brand's reputation. Those with more good reviews tend to get more sales due to consumer trust. Negative reviews are constructive to improving your store, but too many could hurt your shop. Satisfying your customer by resolving the issue goes a long way.  

Pricing digital products

Pricing digital products can be tricky. Because there is no printing, packing, and shipping, it may be difficult to gauge a price range. To set a proper price, take into consideration if you were to ship it as a tangible item (time/shipping/fees) and how much profit you would like to make. Using your competitors as a benchmark may also be useful. Digital downloads are a great way to expand your market and channels. Having varied pricings could open your shop to growth in different markets.    


Etsy is a growing marketplace and it can be hard to sell your digital goods against high-selling competitors. Advertising your products can help generate your sales and make your mark in your niche. Social media is a great way build your audience on a small budget. Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are great places to get your start. Improving your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can help attract customers. Erank is perfect for finding keywords you can use in your Etsy listings to generate more attention in online searches. Once you have generated a network (or have an existing one), blogging and e-mailing is great way to keep in touch with your customers. This form of advertising can inform your customers of new products and sales and maintain customer retention.  

Order Automation and Fraud Prevention Solutions for Etsy Sellers    

ZeroOne eCommerce integrates with Etsy to ensure your Etsy shop runs smooth and safe. Our integration allows all your digital product sales to be in one place. We want to ensure you spend your day-to-day creating rather than mundane order entry and fulfillment task or suffering from chargeback fees and lost product due to fraudulent buyers. Our multi-channel order management app automates business tasks to reduce manual labor so you can focus on growing your shop. Our automated fraud protection system uses advanced analytics to ensure your business is not a victim of chargebacks and penalties.  

Differentiate with Digital, Grow with ZeroOne

Etsy is a growing marketplace great for niche and artistic products, and a great way to grow is to differentiate with digital. ZeroOne is proud integrate our with Etsy. Follow our step by step guide to integrating Etsy with ZeroOne here.  

Schedule a meeting with us today and let us show you why thousands of digital product sellers choose ZeroOne eCommerce.

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